Thursday, April 17, 2008

Sharini Parfums Naturels

Natural Perfumers Guild Professional Perfumer Sharini Parfums Naturals Announces Exclusive Limited Edition Launched

Sharini Parfums Naturels, the French natural perfumers have launched an exclusive limited edition range of luxury organic natural perfumes. Only 100 bottles of each perfume are available and can be purchased through the site

Ambre Royal Végétal - Eau de Parfum €46,00

The intense pleasure of amber is simply an olfactive paradise.
Harmonious and suave, amber brings an unequaled depth to natural perfumery which breathes like a flower on the skin. A treasure for all those who like the heat and the beauty of amber. Extremely refined and formulated entirely from natural botanical extracts. Royal amber stimulates directly on the olfactive system.

Musc Blanc Végétal - Eau de Parfum €48,00

A secret treasure unearthed. True concentrated exoticism which offers an otherworldly voyage of elegance. The first impression is of surprising tenderness thanks to the famous hibiscus seeds - a very rare and invaluable vegetable musk with a scent musky, slightly fruity, hot and exotic scent. Very sensual and carnal.

Honeysuckle & Saffron - Eau de Parfum €42,00

Exoticism, heat and sensuality are captured in this elegant and incredibly passionate perfume. Who can resist the allure of an astonishing combination of saffron and honeysuckle?

Neroli & Gardenia - Eau de Parfum €36,00

Romantic and timeless - for a discrete and subtle femininity with all the spirit and the sensuality of the white flower petals of Gardenia and Neroli (Orange Blossom). Luxurious, simple and timeless.

Sharini Parfums Naturels
54 Rue du Mazel
34150 Aniane
34150 Aniane

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