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AV-AT Anatolian Treasures - Quick Buy on Turkish Rose Absolute -- A Necessity for the Perfumer's Palette

The Natural Perfumers Guild is proud to have Butch Owen of AV-AT Anatolian Treasures as a Supplier. In business since 1995 first in Turkey, now based in the USA, Butch has a reputation as a man who knows how to source the best aromatherapy and perfumery raw materials such as essential oils and absolutes. He then gets all the products tested via GC/MS and stands behind his supplies 100%. This quick buy originally appeared on the Yahoo groups, but this blog aims to spread the word about the fine products of Guild members to the larger internet audience. Here's Butch's long-winded (that's why we love him) ;-) ad, a Southern-fried fun-filled informative offer to "get in while the gettins good" on this quick buy:

Note: I advise since his website is having problems requiring redesign, use his butchowen @ address to reach him quickly.

All product claims and information contained in this announcement are totally factual and made in good faith.  As usual, I GUARANTEE the quality and the purity of these products.  You can not even purchase a more Risk Free Guarantee.   Lemme hear an Amen!    ;-) 

Any contact with me regarding this offer should be made OFF LIST .. e-mail addresses are below.

Over the years I have offered many buys of Turkish Rose Otto and Rose Absolute .. the last Bulk Sales Order I offered to y'all was in September 2007 .. for both the Rose Otto and the Rose Absolute. You bought a lot of both .. and as always everyone who purchased was happy and grinning like a Cheshire Cat. It will be no different this time .. except that there is no Rose Otto for sale now .. none available.

I do have access to 5 kilos of Turkish Rose Absolute, 2007 Crop .. grown and produced by the same second generation grower/producer I have used since 1995 .. a good friend and an artist in his own right. One of those kilos is committed .. to a Perfumery .. so I have 4 kilos to offer. That is why I am making this offer now .. bulk shipping gives me a much lower cost as my Customs Broker Processing, etc., charges the same for 1 kilo or 50 kilos.

A kilogram of TESTED for Quality and Purity Turkish Rose Absolute from any source you can find will be from $550 to $950 MORE than what I am offering below .. but I have purchased a few hundred kilos from my source over the years and he knows that I am a valuable distributor .. so I get some breaks. ;-)

The below prices are even much lower than those listed now on my Wholesale link .. but I have less than 5 oz in stock now so any order above 5 oz could not be filled from my Wholesale link in any case.

If you can find better quality buy it .. if you can find a price better than mine .. buy it. If you are in need of Turkish Rose Absolute now and can't find better quality for a better price .. let me know off line and I will
add you to the buyer's list.

Any buyer may request a copy of the analysis and it will be provided.

The amount I purchase must be locked in NOT LATER THAN Midnight, Thursday, 17 April .. I will make my order on Friday morning, 18 April and do a bank to bank cash transfer to him the same day.

There can be NO EXTENSIONS forthis order because the Perfumery wants their order soon. Based on pastexperience, I will forecast that the product will be in my hand within 14days of my order .. maybe less but that will depend on the bureaucrats atboth Turkish and American Customs.

Prices for this offer are as follows .. and keep in mind that one kilogram is 2.2046 pounds.

01 oz .. $ 94.00

02 oz .. $179.00

04 oz .. $340.00

08 oz .. $663.00

16 oz .. $1,259.00

01 kg .. $2,392.00

Those who wish to get in on this TIME SENSITIVE buy can contact me off list at either .. Butch Owen ButchOwen @ .. Butch Owen ButchOwen @

As has ALWAYS been the case with my Rose Product offers .. I must pay Cash up front and I must protect myself. I can not order based on as promise because Stuff Happens and sometimes folks find that they can no longer take what they committed to take .. that would certainly result in me being stuck with more product than I want. Accordingly, as has ALWAYS been the case ..

I must require a FIFTY PERCENT (50%) down payment for this Special Order .. the remainder .. plus actual shipping cost .. to be paid the day the order is shipped to you from my company, Appalachian Valley Natural Products (Anatolian Treasures) in Downtown Friendsville, Maryland .. population 597.

Payment options are Pay Pal .. Check or Money Order .. or all Credit Cards except NOT American Express .. I can no longer take First Born Younguns and AKC Registered Bird Dawg Pups .. even if they are house broken .. because I have my Sun/Son Alexander who just turned 25 months old and two nice Dawgs
now. Happy I am. :-)

Following every Special Buy I have offered in almost 14 years, folks have come along AFTER the cut off and asked to buy product .. their reasons for being late are almost always valid and I feel for them but I will not be able to accommodate. Please do not be angry with me if this happens .. contrary to what some folks think .. I am not a Troll. ;-)

AGAIN, I GUARANTEE that these prices are lower than anyone out and about now .. even lower than the untested oils offered by some clearing houses. They are also lower than the prices I now have on my Wholesale site. How much will we pay for Rose Absolute from the 2008 Crop? Nobody knows .. not even
the growers/producers. Will the price be lower than it is this year? Odds are far better that we will see $1.39 gasoline again .. or pigs flying over Mecca.

I recommend that prior to contacting me, you shop around and see what others are asking for this product. I can't imagine a better marketing position for me than asking folks to do that first.

I also recommend that you not wait too long to do this. ;-)

Y'all have a good one .. and keep smiling. :-)
Butch Owen

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Martin Watt visited the Turkish Rose Fields in Summer 2000 - the following
article on his trip was published in the Winter 2000 edition of the European
magazine "Aromatica".

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