Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Natural Perfumers Guild Earth Day Goals

The Natural Perfumers Guild is dedicated to the ethics and awareness of preserving and enhancing the planet Earth through the conscious actions of its members.

For Earth Day 2008, the following items are identified as goals of the Guild that will help us achieve earth-friendly practices.

Guild Owner Anya McCoy share the following goals and objectives in the hope that we can all leave a light footprint upon the Earth and encourage others to do so.

1. Guild members use only pure and natural aromatics that are plant, sea and earth-based and educate the public as to the beauty and positive environmental benefits of them. Use of synthethic coal-tar based fragrances is not permitted by Guild members.

2. Instead of having conferences in locations that would require air or land transportation, the Guild seeks to establish Web-based conferences to save fuel.

3. Local meetups of members will be encouraged to allow face-to-face meetings which are necessary for human contact and conviviality among those who share common goals. There have already been meetups in the San Francisco area, Miami, and Taiwan, and others are planned in the near future for Chicago and the Pacific Northwest. Carpooling is encouraged, such as the Miami members have done. Perfumers and Suppliers in the Guild are encouraged to donate samples of their aromatic creations so that the local meetup members can experience natural perfumes and fragrance products.

4. Web-based communications will be the norm for the Guild. The Guild blog will serve as a newsletter and magazine. Guild announcements, advertisements, articles and other communications will take place here. This saves paper, ink, fuel and is more immediate in nature than a paper-based communications model.

5. Guild members will strive to minimize packaging by eliminating boxes when possible, using recycled materials in their offices and studios and having energy efficient tools and appliances.

6. The Guild supports sustainable agriculture, organic farming practices and alternative technology. The Guild membership fees are used to support various organizations that promote these practices.

7. The Guild members shall encourage their suppliers and manufacturers of aromatics to adopt organic methods. The industry has been responsive to these requests, and we look forward to a future when many more pure and natural aromatics will be produced.


janita said...

That is one beautiful Blog....today. Amen to all of that. and the picture is exquisite...
love Janita

Natural Perfumers Guild said...

Thanks, Janita. We're really moving ahead with a green light footstep upon the Earth and I hope all the Guild members are on board with our Goals.

I took the original artwork I purchased and tweaked it and was originally going to use it for my Basenotes column, but I think it was misplaced for the first column, I'll ask Grant about it for the future. It really says it all, doesn't it?