Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Natural Perfumers Guild joins Cropwatch in condemning IFRA's "Cultural Vandalism"

Do you love a citrusy cologne? Are you sensible enough to perhaps cover up your skin where the cologne is applied if you receive a warning label on the bottle of perfume that sun exposure may cause blotchiness? Do you detest and resist government interference in your right to choose? Did you know the limits say that you can get more orange oil on your skin peeling the fruit than they will allow in a perfume?

The Natural Perfumers Guild and Cropwatch decry the bad science and bullying tactics of the International Fragrance Association (IFRA) and it's proposed limits to the use of raw aromatics containing amounts of furanocoumarins in amounts IFRA deems unacceptable. We deem it "Cultural Vandalism" of the historic art of perfumery.

There will be a press release on this issue in the next few days but in the meantime please visit Cropwatch for more information. Warning - complex and wonderful detailed offerings from Tony Burfield - the database is 111 pages long!

The Intro (only seven pages) is a wonderful Burfield rant, logical and impassioned - against the illogical and bureaucratic mess that IFRA has once again gotten itself into. The database can be found here.

Protecting the future of availability and freedom of choice regarding natural aromatics, the Natural Perfumers Guild is proud to be associated with as dedicated a scientist as Tony Burfield of Cropwatch.

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