Monday, April 14, 2008

Natural Perfumers Guild Supplier A Little Ol'factory - Sale on Tested, Exquisite Hydrosols

Natural Perfumers Guild Supplier Chris Ziegler of A Little Ol'Factory has a Sale on Hydrosols this week and other selected quality raw materials including Monoi de Tahiti, shea butter and more

Looking to save good green on great supplies?

Then this is your week at A Little Ol'Factory!

Due to the increased cost of transportation, hydrosol prices are rising! Because of that, this will be your ONLY opportunity in 2008 to get our amazing at these SALE prices!

Naturally Grown Neroli Bigarade Hydrosol

Certified Organic Bulgarian Damascena Rose Hydrosol

Certified Organic Bulgarian Alba Rose Hydrosols

All hydrosols are in stock, ready to ship and were just lab tested and shown to be far more pure than bottled drinking water!

Order from our Special Sale page to get theses hydrosols and the best prices we're offering all year on each of these other items (offer good only while supplies last)!

Below is a sneak peek of some of the other savings you’ll find on the sale page as well!

+ save $3.50 per lb on 3 varieties of Monoi de Tahiti – including our new Citrus variety - Scented with Skin Safe Distilled Citrus Oil

+ save $4.00 per gallon on Decyl Glucoside (Gentle "Green" Surfactant)!

+ save 30% on Gourmet/Prime Naturally Grown Tahitian Vanilla Beans!

+ save $10.00 per Gallon on Certified Organic Traditional Press Virgin Coconut Oil!

+ VERY FRESH Fair Trade Unrefined Shea Butter – on special!

+ Save over 20% - NEW ITEM - Roasted Coffee Bean Essential Oil!

And there’s more! Remember, you must order from the Sale page to get the best prices we're offering all year on each of these items (offer good while supplies last)!

Thank you for over 8 years of continued support and patronage!


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