Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Natural Perfumery Class in Oakland, CA May 3, 2008

Natural Perfumers Guild
Professional Perfumer Lisa Fong

to Teach A Class in Natural Perfumery in Oakland May 3, 2008

Learning the art of natural perfumery is like entering a secret garden and rediscovering the beautiful scents that have always surrounded us. There are good books and great information on this web site, but at the beginning, self-learning can produce more questions than answers.

What are the best essences with which to begin?

How do you develop an accord?

Why do some essences disappear and why do some linger?

What are the correct proportions?

Why are some strong, and some weak?

The best way to get a solid start is to take a class from an experienced and knowledgeable natural perfumer. Lisa Fong of Artemisia Natural Perfume has taught natural perfumery for many years in the Bay Area. You will learn about many natural essences, the classification of these materials, and how to develop your own solid perfume.

The class will be held in Oakland CA. on May 3, 2008 from 9:45 a.m. to 1:45 p.m. This will be the last class until Fall. So get a leg up on your perfume skills and begin your journey of natural perfume creation.

Mention this ad and receive a 10% discount.

Natural Perfumers Guild members will receive a 20% discount.

To enroll or for more information, write Lisa at

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