Monday, December 15, 2008

When a Perfumer Named Ambrosia Offers A Giveaway on "Death by Chocolate" You Know You're In for Something Wonderful!

Ambrosia Jones, Perfumer in the Natural Perfumers Guild, has a fabulous giveaway for readers of the Natural Perfumers Guild Blog. Please visit Ambrosia's site Perfume by Nature and if you mention this blog, you'll receive a free sample with any order.

But the giveaway is hosted here, so please read on to enter for a chance to win a chocolate fix for your body that is calorie-free ;-)

NOTE: please add your city or town when you post here on the blog to insure that we have the correct winner when chosen.

The giveaway is open to all who post a comment on this blog by midnight, Thursday, Dec. 18, 2008. The winner will be chosen randomly and announced Friday, Dec. 19th.

A new natural perfume for Chocolate Lovers:

"I am a professed chocoholic myself...and I've been working on the concept of creating a chocolate perfume for over a year now...

It's been an interesting journey. Starting with pure Cocoa absolute, extracted from the bean that forms tha basis of that delightful confectionery so many of us love....Chocolate can be so many things, sweet,milky and soothing, dark, bitter and perfume until now it has only been a mere bynote, used as part of a base chord in some oriental style perfumes with strong flower and fruit heart notes.

I wanted to create a real chocolate perfume, that showed off it's unique character without covering it up with anything else, that was truly "Chocolatey" without being too sweet or tacky I finally came up with a perfume that is made my heart sing. I have combined Cocoa absolute with an amazing, deep and dry Australian desert wood, just a touch of deep and delicious honey and a tiny zing of spice, to create a pure Chocolate Perfume that is both truly elegant and really magical."

If you'd like to try some "Death by Chocolate", "Perfume by Nature" is giving away a full sized bottle of Eau de Toilette (for Australian customers, overseas customers will receive a full size bottle of perfume oil) and 10 sample bottles.

send us an email telling us why you need mor Chocolate in your life, or go to Ambrosia's website at to order your own.

Mention this blog to get a free sample of one of her other perfumes with any order.

Don't forget - mention your city or town in your entry post. Thanks!


Deanna said...

I'd love to try some chocolate perfume :)

I'm in Hillsboro, OR

ascovrmt said...

sounds like the best way to cheer up on a bad day,
Help me have a wonderful day.
Irving, Texas

Medb said...

Ohhh ... *drools*
Now this is something I cannot ignore, being a confirmed chocoholic and all.
Thanks muchly, Anya for bringing it to us and to our attention.

Calgary, Alberta.

World Talk said...


I would love to try chocolate perfume...i am addicted to chocolate especially dark chocolate so it would be wow to smell it on me too!!!

Thanks for the giveaway. goodluck to everyone!


Kayla said...

Hello, my name is Kayla and I'm a chocoholic - it seems I am in good company here. It has been a few hours since my last peice of chocolate and I have not intention to quit. Your perfume sounds delightful.

Clackamas, Oregon

Amy said...

This sounds great, please count me in the drawing. I'm in Somerville, MA

Simone said...

I would love to try Ambrosia's "Death by Chocolate" Perfume. It's the guilt-free, calorie-free way to indulge in my favorite treat! Take care. Simone from Brooklyn, N.Y.

Jane said...

Oh Yum! I'll bet it smells delicious.

Houston, TX

jolielaide said...

Thanks for offering your perfume. It sounds yummy.


Heather Kaufman
San Francisco, CA

jolielaide said...

Thanks for offering your perfume. It sounds yummy.

San Francisco, CA

Felicia said...

I love chocolate notes in perfume...

Felicia said...

oops. I live in Montreal.

Ginger's Garden said...

I would love some chocolate! I shouldn't eat it, so this would be the next best thing!
Irena from Palm Springs, CA

Brian said...

OOOO! Music to this chocoholic's ears and nose! I'm jonesing and I need my fix! Bring it on!
Burnham, IL

Sandi said...

Really can you think of a better way to go than "Death by Chocolate"? No,I am not sucidial but what a way to go.
St George, UT

cynthia3403 said...

Chocolate, and calorie free? Please count me in!

Natalie B. said...

This seems like a delectable fantasy. I would love to try it!

Natalie Beaulieu
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

rachelbalanceboost said...

Wow, hints of chocolate, cocoa and honey. Ambrosia you have outdone yourself!

Rachel, Coral Gables

Toontown said...

"Death by Chocolate" sounds like an intriguing perfume. I would love to compare the scent with the real thing. :) Thank you for the offer. :)

Monroe, Washington.