Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Australian Perfumer Emma Leah of Fleurage Pty Ltd Joins the Natural Perfumers Guild

Noted Australian natural perfumer Emma Leah of the Fleurage Pty Ltd Salon in Melbourne recently joined the Natural Perfumers Guild as a Professional Perfumer.

The Fleurage salon is in the trendy South Ybarra section of Melbourne near the Royal Botanical Garden. Visitors can revel in the Art Deco aesthetics of the salon while consulting for a custom perfume or simply enjoying the extensive line of perfumes, skin care and beauty items available.

From Emma's notes on her philosophy:

I only create with botanical extracts and I have spent 15 years using, blending, and studying essential oils. It is foremost their odour properties I am interested in and secondly their therapeutic properties. I have respect for the art of aromatherapy and it is a useful reference point, but it is the centuries old art of perfumery with natural oils that ignites my passion. I appreciate and enjoy the challenge of the complex and changeable nature of botanical extracts and their links to the earth.

My perfumes are born from my personal experiences and fascinations of the rich and diverse world we inhabit. As I take in the extracts I work with I see images of nature, the spiritual and mystical worlds, our sensuality, and individuality.

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