Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Natural Perfumers Guild member Anya's Garden Offering a Holiday Giveaway

Anya's Garden is Celebrating the Redesigned Website with a Giveaway

Click on the graceful photo of Anya's Garden perfumes with a fabulous clereodendron flower and wander down the fragrant garden path to discover the new aromatherapy and potpourri line that I'll be launching next year. Post here with the name of the new line and you will be entered in a giveaway. The winner will receive a set of samples of Pan, Kaffir, Fairchild, RiverCali, Temple and a 2ml tincture of the legendary rare and gorgeous ambergris. These samples retail for $30 and the ambergris is very hard to find, and I know a lot of perfumistas would love to experience my private stash aged, glorious tincture.

This contest closes in five days on Dec 7th at midnight, so check back here after visiting my new site, and post. This offer is open to anyone anywhere in the world with the exception of Germany and Italy - I'm so sorry, but shipping there is very difficult, if not impossible. If you're in those countries and wish to participate, you may if you have a friend in another country willing to accept the goodies and figure out a way to get them to you.

Note: Natural Perfumers Guild members are ineligible for this giveaway, but if they post on this blog, they will be entered for a duplicate intra-Guild giveaway.

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llking said...

I've finally decided to follow my passion, and dive into perfume! If only literally.....!
The Guild and its members are inspiring and makes me want to learn and develop wondrous blends. A trip to Grasse was less than expected, as I feel the craftsmanship had waned. The Guild has a soul for authenticity which is captivating, and aspirational. Thank you for your diligence!