Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Natural Perfumers Guild Joins in the Effort to Stop the FDA's Global Harmonization Act of 2008

Anya McCoy, President of the Guild, took part in a telephone conference today that had as its core focus addressing the harmful effects the FDA Global Harmonization Act of 2008 will have on small body care and toiletry businesses. If implemented, this Act will force many of the hand made artisan cosmetics businesses to close, due to unreasonable fees of $2000 to $12,000.

This blog entry is to announce that the Natural Perfumers Guild formally is taking a stance to:


The NPG is pooling our membership roll, and also that of the Natural Perfumery Yahoo group into building a groundswell of grassroots efforts to give us strength in numbers as we work towards stopping the FDA. The most articulate message released so far on this subject is by the President of the Indie Beauty Network, Donna Maria Coles Johnson, and I urge you to visit her blog and view the video she prepared on this issue.

Then, PLEASE sign the petition on that site, and don't forget to use your full name and city and state.

The short story? This GHA will effectively put many of the small perfumery, body care and associated cosmetics companies out of business because of a Draconian $2000-$12,000 fee they are planning to levy for "registration." It is obviously a ploy by the big-name corporate "natural" body care industry folks to destroy the hand-made artisan businesses that take a chunk of their business away. Many of them forget they started out as we did, small businesses. We need to reach out to our legislators, the media and even our neighbors and customers to let them know about this unjust fee that will wipe out a majority of body care/cosmetics businesses.

The shutting down of our businesses will have a ripple effect in this economy that will be disastrous.

Again, please sign the petition and bookmark this blog and the Indie Beauty blog for updates. We are planning a lot of activities and pro-active actions in the next year, and your support is needed.

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