Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Natural Perfumers Guild Establishes Grant Program

photo of women carrying kewda pandanus blossoms to distillery in India
photo courtesy Christopher McMillan

Anya McCoy, President of the Natural Perfumers Guild is happy to announce that a percentage of Guild membership fees will be distributed to aromatic plant growers and distillers around the world. This project will be coordinated by a Guild member who will help identify and disburse the funds. Of particular interest are businesses in the Third World, because a microgrant there may mean the difference between being able to purchase fertilizer, a farm implement, seed or a distillation unit part that is needed - or not being able to purchase same.

"I have spoken with Guild Founder Mandy Aftel about this program, and she agrees that giving back to those who produce the aromatics so critical to our art is a step towards providing a future for them and us. The Guild will also move forward to solicit funds from Guild members that will be granted to the recipients with acknowledgment of both the Guild and the donor member" says McCoy.

The Guild microgrants are intended to help any business associated with the production of natural aromatics and their extraction in a form used by perfumers and body care artisans. Disbursal of funds will begin September 1, 2008. A statement detailing the program will be published by the Guild before then, and input from Guild members is welcome as we all work towards providing help with this grassroots effort to promote and support the production of natural aromatics worldwide.

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