Wednesday, July 23, 2008

JoAnne Bassett, Professional Perfumer in the Natural Perfumers Guild, Launches Bath and Body Care Line

July 23, 2008
JoAnne Bassett launches a new Bath and Body care line to compliment her natural fragrances. All of the fragrances now have matching Luxury Silk Lotion, Luxury Ultra Thick Crème, Luxury Shower Gel, and Luxury Body and Bath Oils. This makes it possible to layer the scent for ultimate pampering. JoAnne's custom perfume scents are now offered in the new bath and body products also.

The new line is made using all natural, ethically harvested, and wild and organic ingredients. Some products in the line are certified vegan. All products are free of harsh synthetic chemicals, parabens, mineral oils, synthetic colors and fragrances, and phthalates.

Also launching is a new Luxury Skin Care line that is organic and some of the products are certified vegan. The line includes Luxury Gentle Milk Cleanser, Luxury Multi-Tea Crème Cleanser, Luxury Chocolate Body Butter Scrub, and Luxury Virgin Coconut Sugar Scrub.

JoAnne Bassett features in the launch a Home Products line featuring A Tuscan Fantasy Room Perfume, Bliss Room Perfume, and Passion Room Perfume. These Room Perfumes are all natural and rest in an organic grape alcohol base.

There is also a new Green Products line of stainless steel water bottles and insulated totes as part of her brand.
These new lines were formulated to be good for you and the environment.

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