Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Guild Perfumer Dominique Dubrana Creates a Portable "Perfume Organ" with Diffuser to Teach in Schools

Natural Perfumers Guild Perfumer Dominique Dubrana creates yet another innovative and exciting piece of fragrant art - the latest in his educational tools - "The Wind Organ" - as part of his ongoing olfactory education efforts. Pictured above is the "keyboard" labeled with the ten aromatics the perfumer can diffuse through the air, and quoting from his site:

"The player of the organ receives the scent from a pipe situated over the keyboard while the public receives it blown trough the bigger pipe situated the front of the organ, with a powerful ventilation system that diffuses it to a distance of 10 meters. In this way the player smells exactly what the public does, and at the same time."

More information and a photo of the larger diffuser can be found on Dubrana's website. Click on the link on that page for more on his olfactory education projects.

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