Friday, September 5, 2008

Arlys Naturals Announces New Stock of Sweetgrass Hydrosol is on Sale

Natural Perfumers Guild Supplier Arlys Naturals Is Offering the Freshest Distillation of Sweetgrass Hydrosol - More Due in Next Month

Sweetgrass Hydrosol

(Hierochloe odorata)
Class: Organic
Origin: Canada
Process: Steam Distilled

Description: While there is no Sweetgrass Essential Oil, there is a lovely hydrosol being distilled. The scent of Sweetgrass is distinctive. It is reminiscent of a fresh spring rain on the prairie or new mown hay. The dried grass is used to scent pillows, clothing, and for weaving baskets.

The fragrance is due to the presence of coumarins, a compound which is also present in a number of other species including Sweet Woodruff (Galium odoratum), Sweet Clover (Melilotus officinalis), and Sweet Vernal grass (Anthoxanthum odoratum). The aroma becomes more pronounced when the grass is dried, and it can last for many years.

Coumarins have been used for a number of purposes including as a flavouring agent for candy, soft drinks, vodka, and tobacco. In the USA, coumarins are allowed for flavoring alcohol but not approved for food. There is concern because high levels of coumarin act as a blood thinner where too much in the body causes hemorrhaging (internal bleeding).

The burning of Sweetgrass braids for ceremonial purposes has long been part of the Native American culture in North America. This is often what comes to mind when the species is mentioned. The use of the plant however is not restricted to North America. Aromatic plants have been used by cultures all around the world since the beginning of time. Sweetgrass was once used in Europe as a strewing herb where it was laid at the entrance to churches especially on Saints’ Days. The practice of using the grass in European churches gave rise to the botanical name Hierochloe or Holy grass.

Sweetgrass hydrosol can be misted into the air as a liquid smudge where the burning of Sweetgrass braids is not allowed such as in hospitals or other public places where smoking is not permitted.

Sweetgrass is found growing across the prairies of North America, in boreal regions, and right up into the Arctic. It is circumpolar in distribution which means the species also grows in Greenland, Iceland, northern Europe and Asia. Approximately 13 species of Hierochloe are reported to exist, but there is some confusion as to which ones are actually a separate species, and which ones are merely a closely related race of the same species. There is even one species, Hierochloe redolens, found in Tasmania, and an alpine species, Hierochloe alpina, found in the mountains of North America.

Packaged in a green PET bottle with white fine mist sprayer.

Suggested Uses:

1) Can be misted into the air as a liquid smudge where the burning of Sweetgrass braids is not allowed such as in hospitals or other public places where smoking is not permitted.

2) Has been used as an ingredient for cooking eg. Sweetgrass syrup, cheesecakes, tea.

3) Could be used as an ingredient in cosmetic products.

4) Makes a unique fragrance alone or blended with essential oils to be used as an air freshener for vehicles, bathrooms, etc.

5) Add to essential oil infusers along with oils or in place of them.

6) Can be sprayed on the body or hair to layer with perfume.

Sweetgrass hydrosol is available in 1- and 4- ounce sizes.

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