Tuesday, May 20, 2008

IFRA website redesigned - Easier to find information, harder to use: here is a workaround

The International Fragrance Association (IFRA) has redesigned its website and it has an new look and at first glance seems easier to use, but there are annoying search problems. Since the site is the only place online to find out information on IFRA, the problems can slow down a search. The IFRA website is the repository for all of the information relating to aromatics, both natural and synthetic, according to their own guidelines. The guidelines are not mandatory in the industry, but any association that belongs to IFRA is supposed to promulgate their directives as to what aromatic material is restricted or prohibited. Restricted status means there are limits that the aromatic can be used in either a leave-on or wash-off product, and generally those limits vary according to aromatic and the end use. Prohibited means the aromatic may not be used under any circumstance in a product for the skin.

Now you can search the site either by name, alphabetical listing, CAS number or IFRA Amendment. The main problem with searching the site is that every time you click on a name, an alphabetic link or fill in the blank to search, a pop-up requesting if you wish to "remember that password" appears. Just clicking "not now" is not the solution - the workaround is "never for this site" which will allow you to continue searching unfettered. Not being a member of IFRA, the Guild cannot confirm how this workaround will function if you are an IFRA member, since you need to enter a username and password. The terms "not now" and "never for this site" are for the Firefox browser, your browser may have different language.

For many professional and hobbyist perfumers, frequent visits to the IFRA site are common, because whether in agreement or opposition to the guidelines, it is necessary to be aware of them.

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