Thursday, May 8, 2008

Associate Natural Perfumers Guild Member Robert Tisserand Reveals Collaboration with Anya McCoy on Perfume Blend for new Body Care line

In one of the first perfume blending collaborative efforts of the Natural Perfumers Guild, noted aromatherapist Robert Tisserand reveals on his website that Guild president Anya McCoy assisted in the formulation of the perfume blend that scents his new Wild Rose and Lemon Leaf line. Robert is happy to display the Guild logo on his site and states "Wild Rose & Lemon Leaf is neither simply an aromatherapy blend, nor simply a fragrance, it's both." McCoy suggested, after evaluating the modification Robert sent her that lemon myrtle, typically a medium note with a candied lemon scent could assist as a top note in the proper amount - and it did.

The Wild Rose and Lemon Leaf line includes a body lotion, hand and cuticle cream and roll-on deodorant. Check the Tisserand website for stockists in your area, or order from the site.

Robert, recently honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award by the Alliance of International Aromatherapists has published numerous books, including the classic The Art of Aromatherapy and Essential Oil Safety: A Guide for Health Care Professionals.

In another collaboration with Anya and Guild Associate Member Tony Burfield of Cropwatch Robert co-authored the FAQ and Primer on IFRA's proposed 40th Amendment in 2007.

Anya states that "Distinguished members such as Robert add to the wealth of knowledge and integrity of the Guild by bringing their decades of accomplishments and generous natures to our community. The Guild is a richer place for his presence."

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