Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Natural Perfumers Guild Associate Tony Burfield of Cropwatch to Speak at the British Society of Perfumers Symposium Oxford, UK, March 11, 2010

Tony Burfield of Cropwatch will be presenting a talk at the British Society of Perfumers Safety & Regulatory Issues Symposium at Cambridge on 11th March 2010.

The talk is entitled "Is excessive regulation destroying the perfumery art?"

The following is a synopsis of his talk:
'The disproportionate & excessive degree of regulation of fragrance ingredients appears as part of an attempt by EU regulators and their professional toxicologist advisers to construct a clean, risk-free and largely synthetic-based world of their own own. The timidity of industry in the face of this situation of toxicological imperialism is hard to understand, given the customer backlash against the reformulation of perfume classics, & the non-robust science behind many perfume ingredient restrictions. With visible anti-regulation based anger now bubbling over from both the end-user and the ingredient producers, many are asking who is to blame for this dire situation, and does the future of perfumery now lie outside Europe and the USA?'

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