Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Natural Perfumers Guild Associate Celia Lyttelton Interviewed on Rick Steves Radio Show on her book "The Scent Trail"

Natural Perfumers Guild Associate Member Celia Lyttelton, Author of The Scent Trail is interviewed by Rick Steves for his radio show. Scroll down the page to click on the Windows Media file.

From the website, describing the Sept. 26, 2009 broadcast:

Celia Lyttelton shares her story of how she traveled the world to collect the ingredients for her own perfect personal perfume — the perfect souvenir for the person who already has everything — and explains the powerful connection fragrances hold between places, memories, and our emotions. Also, travel writer Don George and callers discuss how the Kindness of Strangers saved the day on more than one overseas occasion and a new set of listener travel haiku takes us sailing in the Caribbean.

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