Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Natural Perfumers Guild Welcomes New Supplier Member Essentially Me of the UK

Essentially Me joins Natural Perfumers Guild

Essentially Me, sister company of new Guild member Aqua Oleum, has joined the Natural Perfumers Guild as a supplier of perfume ingredients and perfumery supplies.

Based in the Cotswolds region of the UK, the company was born out of Alec Lawless's passion for natural fragrance. Whilst Aqua Oleum supplies Essential Oils and Absolutes, Essentially Me specialises in providing natural ready-to-use materials for perfumery. Alec recognised that many of the absolutes and concretes are extremely difficult to work with, being solid or highly viscous at room temperature. To combat this problem, he has developed a range of more than 60 single note fragrances called extraits that are a 20% dilution in aged organic grain alcohol, as well as a botanical musk, ready to start blending.

We also supply a range of perfumes developed by Alec.

Alec's book, "Artisan Perfumery - Or Being Led by the Nose" is available exclusively from the Essentially Me website. This fascinating book tells not only about his 20 years of blending perfumes and sourcing oils, but also how wine appreciation, psychology and philosophy help in understanding perfumery.

Essentially Me is pleased to offer 10% discount to members of the Natural Perfumers Guild. Please email us
and we will set up your account on our website.

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