Sunday, February 15, 2009

Natural Perfumers Guild Associate Jeanne Rose Offering Natural Perfumery Classes


In February, 2009, Jeanne Rose will begin her series of classes,
starting with Botanical Blending and proceeding to the
intricacies of Natural Botanical Perfumery.Following that will be an Herbal/Spa/Skin Class
and others. A free class for participants will follow in June to discuss your perfumes.
415-564-6785. We accept all major credit cards. e-mail

FEBRUARY 28-29-March 1, 2009. SAN FRANCISCO, CA. PROFESSIONAL BLENDING OF ESSENTIAL OILS. [ for Natural Perfumery Enthusiasts, Massage/SPA Technicians and
anyone interested] This workshop is to be a Seminar for Blending
Essential Oils (EOs) for therapeutic purposes and for perfumery. The
workshop is an important step to any one interested in blending
essential oils for therapeutic healing either emotional or physical;
for perfumery or for making your own products. At Jeanne Rose house in
San Francisco, the House of Aromatic Wonders. $425. [Enrollment limited to 10]

March 13-15, 2009. SAN FRANCISCO, CA. NATURAL PERFUMERY AND EXOTICS. Part I Make perfumery skills with a systematic and logical progression
from the basics of measurement to the sophistication of complex
perfumery. Learn the nuances and olfactory nuance of 150 exotic essential oils,
absolutes, waxes, concretes, alcohols and carrier oils. Work hands-on
In San Francisco at the House of Aromatic Wonders. San Francisco, CA 94117. PIF - $450
[Enrollment limited to 8-10]

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