Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Eden Botanicals Joins the Natural Perfumers Guild as a Supplier

Eden Botanicals, one of the most respected suppliers of natural aromatics, has joined the Natural Perfumers Guild. For many years both aromatherapists, perfumers and others in the aromatic arts have learned to turn to Eden Botanicals for the highest quality raw materials, whether it be concretes, absolutes, essential oils, CO2 extracts or gums and resins. Founded in 1985, the company originally imported and compounded crystalline amber resins and gained a worldwide reputation as a premier site for these scented products.

When Will Lapaz bought Eden Botanicals in 1999, he branched out into sourcing essential oils for the aromatherapy community, and in response to the growing natural perfumery art, brought in both the common and the exceptionally rare essences demanded for that community. An active participant on the Yahoo Natural Perfumery group, Will proved to be a generous and knowledgeable participant, sharing his vast knowledge of the botanical world with natural perfumers.

Eden Botanicals also carries carrier oils, rosewood or soapstone boxes, glass bottles, pipettes and more to service the perfumery and aromatherapy communities. Amber essence for soapmaking is also offered on the website, along with detailed descriptions for usage.

Guild President Anya McCoy has expressed such faith in Will's ability to source exquisite aromatics and provide great service that she has frequently purchased without sampling first - something practically unheard of in natural perfumery. Eden Botanicals ships worldwide and provides near-wholesale prices to the retail customer. A toll-free number is available for US residents to contact Eden Botanicals.

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