Saturday, August 9, 2008

Natural Perfumers Guild Associate Member Basenotes Named in the "Top 50 Websites" by Men's Vogue Magazine

Men's Vogue Recognizes Guild Member Basenotes as a Lifestyle Website "Top 50"

Basenotes, originally started by Grant Osborne in August 2000 as a site to chat about men's fragrances, evolved over the years to become one of the perfume world's premier sites, and now includes women's fragrances, forums, news, columns and much more. This status was recognized in the August, 2008 issue of Men's Vogue, when Basenotes was named in the Top 50 Lifestyle Websites worldwide by Men's Vogue magazine.

To quote:

"Basenotes is perhaps the most comprehensive guide to fragrances on the Web. It houses and curates thousands of user comments, reviews, and discussions on over 11,570 scents from hundreds of perfumers worldwide. A handy news ticker on the right-hand side scrolls fragrance-industry news, while features, interviews, and columns reside center page. An excellent resource for scent novices and experts alike."

Others joining Basenotes on the list include the BBC, The Huffington Post, Boing Boing and Open Table. All the sites receive heavy traffic due to their focused content and ability to draw both return and new visitors. Basenotes receives anywhere from two- to three million hits a month, serving the perfume community as a main source of news on perfume topics and forum for discussion of perfumista trivia, sourcing and sales announcements.

Guild President Anya McCoy writes a regular column on Basenotes, Natural Perfume Notes.

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